Founded by tech-savvy entrepreneur Daniel Ogolo, AceLawyers uses state-of-the-art marketing solutions to help people find a lawyer, make legal information easier to access, and help lawyers and law firms throughout the US grow their practices.

Why AceLawyers

We are an IT solution offering the most comprehensive lawyer directory on the internet. We are here to help make it easy for consumers to search, review connect with, ask, and have questions answered by lawyers.

We avail our users of extensive, yet free, up-to-date, and easily understandable IT solutions and tools which help connect people with legal issues to the right professionals who are ready to help.

AceLawyers is the industry leader in internet marketing solutions for law firms. Millions of people visit AceLawyers. pro seeking to connect and review lawyers using our listing infrastructure.

AceLawyers. pro for Consumers

With our robust collection of IT infrastructure, we make it easy for consumers to find lawyers and access legal information which enables everyone to better understand the law. For consumers, we offer:

Lawyer Directory:
A searchable directory of lawyers compiled according to location and area of law practice.

Ask a Lawyer:
A platform for everyone to ask legal questions and have them answered by qualified and experienced lawyers

AceLawyers. pro for Legal Professionals

A complete range of free and premium resources enables legal professionals, corporate counsel, students of law, and businesses to reach more clients as well as grow their practice and career.

Lawyer Marketing Resources:
Legal professionals wishing to expand their clientele have access to the largest online collection of marketing resources.