Lawyer Directory FAQs

About the AceLawyers Lawyer Directory

The AceLawyers Lawyer Directory is a free website that lists comprehensive profiles of attorneys, law firms, and non-profit legal aid and service groups in the US.

Any attorney or business is eligible to have a full, free profile on the AceLawyers Lawyer Directory.

About Finding an Attorney

On the home page of the AceLawyers Lawyer Directory, begin your search for a lawyer. Enter the name of a lawyer or legal firm and the area you want to search in the search box, then hit the search button. A list of nearby lawyers, law offices, and non-profit legal service providers that match your search parameters will be included in your search results.

Please take note that the search box at the top of the page will be pre-populated with your general location if we have it. You can change the geographic search parameters to look for lawyers in a certain city, county, or state.

You can search for lawyers by location as well (state, city, or county and by law practice area)

Your general location is ascertained by the AceLawyers Lawyer Directory using a technique known as IP Geolocation. We do this so that we can rapidly connect you with lawyers in your area when you visit the website. We don’t use this information to identify you or store your location on our systems. We only use it to make using the AceLawyers Lawyer Directory easier and more enjoyable for you.

In the AceLawyers Lawyer Directory, there are numerous methods to get in touch with the lawyers, law firms, and legal aid & service providers it lists:

  1. Use the Contact Information in Their Profile: On the profile page, click the “Contact & Map” tab to view the attorney’s contact details, including phone numbers, addresses, and a map of all of their office locations.
  2. Use the Email Form: If the lawyer or law firm’s profile includes a contact email address, you can click on the “Contact & Map” button and then select the “Email” link that is located immediately below the map. There will be a form that you can use to contact the lawyer directly. We never publish an attorney’s email address on our website out of respect for their privacy and safety.
  3. Visit Their Website: A lot of attorneys and law offices have connections to their websites or blogs where you may learn more about them, including extra ways to reach them. By selecting the “Website & Blog” option, you can access these websites and blogs’ links. Blogs are a great resource for finding out more about attorneys, their practices, and the law in general. You can browse the most recent postings of an attorney or firm’s blog right there in the profile if they have included a link to it.

Numerous educational and nonprofit legal assistance and service groups across the country that offer free or inexpensive legal services are listed in the AceLawyers Lawyer Directory. If you’re looking for these low-cost legal service providers, search or browse the lawyer directory for the practice area and region that interest you. Every listing page will include a brief selection of available Legal Aid & Pro Bono services that match your search parameters in the right sidebar. Click “Show More” to view additional providers in your neighborhood.

Claiming or Registering Your Attorney Profile

Any lawyer with a license to practice law in the United States is eligible to create a free profile in the AceLawyers Lawyer Directory. The opportunity to add a photo, biographical details, education and experience, websites and blogs, social network profiles, and more is available for free profiles, which are fully featured. Start now by clicking here to start listing.

You can also claim a profile that has already been created for you in the AceLawyers Lawyer Directory by clicking the “Own or work here? Claim Now!” link on the listing or profile page, just by the bottom of the right side of the screen. You can make a new profile here if one doesn’t already exist for you.

No. To be listed and have a full profile in the AceLawyers Lawyer Directory, there is no fees. However, if you want to use our optional marketing services, you will have to pay a little cost.

All around the United States, attorneys can create free profiles in the AceLawyers Lawyer Directory.

Licensed attorneys may:

  • Fill up their profile completely to demonstrate the breadth of their professional experience.
  • Assist visitors in finding your website, blog, and other profiles on social networks and directories like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others.
  • Obtain web leads from prospective customers.
  • Get community involvement by offering a more thorough, thorough, and detailed profile.
  • By offering free legal information through blogs, wikis, and forums, you can increase community involvement and your ranking in search results.
  • Support organizations that offer free legal information, like Cornell’s Legal Information Institute, to gain community engagement and higher rankings.

There could be a listing for you already. Use the search bar at the top of the page to look for your name. Click on the link if you are one of the outcomes “Own or work here? Claim Now!” link located at the bottom right side of the listing page.

By selecting the “Add Listing” tab in the top right corner of every page, you can sign up as a new lawyer if you can’t find your profile in the AceLawyers Lawyer Directory.

Each claimed lawyer directory profile in our directory must, according to AceLawyers’s policy, be linked to the relevant lawyer’s email address. The lawyer’s personal law firm email address must be available to the individual making the claim or updating.

For updates to your free profile, you must use a personal business email account that you control. If you claim your profile using an email other than your personal firm email address, you risk losing the opportunity to change it (such as a generic office email address). Please get in touch with us so that we can help you get the profile claimed if a business email address is not readily available.

Please see “Claiming on behalf of an attorney” below if you want a third party to claim your profile on your behalf or if you are a third party wishing to claim a profile.

Please refer to the section below titled “Claiming numerous profiles for your firm” if you have multiple profiles to claim for a single firm.

Please take note of the following if you want a third party to claim and manage your profile or if you want to claim and manage a profile on behalf of an attorney.

  1. For many profiles, we don’t make master logins. The attorney’s firm email address must be used as the login credentials for each profile.
  2. The lawyer will receive a special login name and password so they may access and edit their profile whenever they want and engage with the AceLawyers community. Note that the lawyer is free to give a third party their login information so they can alter the profile.
  3. The claim won’t be processed until we get the lawyer’s personal firm email address. To view the attorney’s profile and make changes, you or the attorney must be able to check the firm’s email account. The profiles of attorneys can be accessed and updated by

One attorney or an authorized employee of your business, such as a marketing coordinator or office manager, can claim the profiles of numerous attorneys in your firm by following the instructions below.

  1. Complete the claim authorization letter, then complete it.
  2. Complete the spreadsheet for claiming. For each attorney, we need the following information:
    – First name- Last name- Business email address- Law school name- Date of law school graduation.- Bar Memberships & Bar ID Numbers
  3. Please allow up to 7 business days for the claim process to be finished after you have emailed the necessary paperwork.

Once finished, we will send you an email to let you know that the profiles have been claimed and are ready for editing. We don’t offer passwords out of respect for your privacy and security. We strongly advise every attorney to use the Forgot Password option to log in and immediately change their password to one that is appropriately secure.

Please note that each profile will have its own set of login information. For many profiles, we don’t make master logins. You can ask the attorneys to edit their own profiles using the specified firm email address, or you can ask the person in charge of overseeing the claiming process to log in using the attorneys’ credentials.

Each lawyer agrees to receive email messages from AceLawyers, which may cover communications about security, the lawyer’s account, the lawyer’s profile, or other topics, by claiming or creating a profile. Additionally, AceLawyers may send each attorney informational emails and marketing messages.

Practice Area Services

Here is a list of every law practice area and service we now provide. Depending on the input we receive from attorneys and directory users, we may update the list of services.

You can identify lawyers who offer a certain service by typing it in the search area. Use the dropdown option to choose a service from the list if you enter one of the services we now provide.

You’ll be sent to a list of attorneys who provide the service you wanted. You can further refine your search results by using the boxes at the top of the results page.

Over time, we’ll make adjustments and incorporate new Practice Area Services. If you have any comments or recommendations, you may get in touch with the AceLawyers Lawyer Directory Support team. However, just because a service is suggested does not mean that we will include it. Check this page frequently for updates as we will always have the most recent complete list of services.

Only attorneys whose profiles have been claimed in the AceLawyers Lawyer Directory may add or remove services. Please feel free to explore the AceLawyers Lawyer Directory FAQ here if you need assistance claiming your profile.

Only attorneys whose profiles have been claimed by AceLawyers may add or delete services from those accounts.

Log in and edit your profile to add or delete services from your claimed AceLawyers Lawyer Directory profile. In the Practice Areas area of your profile, click the “Edit This Section” link or pencil symbol.

Click the “Add Practice Area” button if your profile doesn’t already have any practice areas. From the drop-down menu, pick a practice area. To pick or deselect the services connected to the practice area, use the checkboxes. Click the blue “Preserve” button when you have done updating the services to save your practice area and any associated services.

Click on the pencil symbol next to the practice area you want to change to add or remove services associated with it from your profile. Choose whether to select or deselect the practice area-related services. Click the blue “Preserve” button when you have done updating the services to save your practice area and any associated services.

Editing or Completing Your AceLawyers Attorney Profile

The “Sign In” link is located in the top right corner of every page. Please log in using the username and password you chose when you claimed your profile. On the password reset page, you can change your password if you forget it. You may also reset your password if you’ve forgotten it.

Requests to modify information in unclaimed profiles made through email or phone will not be entertained by the AceLawyers Lawyer Directory team. This will ensure that the profile’s information can only be changed by the law firms that hold it.

You can log in and edit your profile after you’ve claimed or created it by just going there. Click the button with your name at the top right of any page to access your profile. Click the “View Account” link in the dropdown menu that appears to the left. Hover the mouse over your name and click the link “edit profile” to edit your account profile.

You can add the necessary information to your profile by clicking on the individual buttons in the respective section if it isn’t already filled out. For a complete list of the details you can still add to your profile, click the “Show More” link at the bottom of this section.

Click the “Edit” link that can be found on any section of your profile where the information you want to change is already there. To update or add to the information already there, click the pencil symbol located next to these links.

Update your contact information, practice areas, and website or blog links. You should also add a profile photo and a link to your website or blog, as well as a brief biography that outlines your practice and highlights your interests and qualifications.

The profiles in the AceLawyers Lawyer Directory are robust and free. Please feel free to log in at any time to update your profile’s entirety.

To view your accounts page after logging in, click the “My Account” or your name link in the top right-hand corner. On your accounts page, scroll down to the “Update Password” section, then add the new password 2 times,” and then complete it by clicking the “Update profile” button.

For your attorney profile photo, you must post 4 pictures that are 400 pixels wide by 400 pixels high. The featured image should be 1200px wide by 400px high. The image should have a minimum resolution of 640 pixels by 640 pixels for high-resolution devices to display it clearly. The editing tool will scale the image to fit these dimensions if you upload one with bigger dimensions. JPG and PNG photo formats are acceptable.

The AceLawyers Lawyer Directory support staff is required to make name modifications. By using the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of any website page, you can submit your request to have your name changed.