Pay Per Lead for Lawyers

Pay Per Case Leads

Get Targeted & Qualified Legal Clients

Connect With Prospective Clients That Need Legal Services

Targeted New Cases Daily

Within the first 24 to 48 hours of joining AceLawyers PPL, each attorney is likely to be matched with a fresh targeted case lead relevant to their practice area..

Increase Your Revenue

Greater benefits and a higher return on your investment can only arise from reduced costs and more time to concentrate on your legal profession and present cases.

Quality Leads in Realtime

Our leads are targeted and delivered to you in real-time, just when the clients are in dire need of legal representation, from any location, at any time.

Dependable Lead Gen Service For Lawyers

“AceLawyers is the most efficient because you are sure they will deliver the leads. Whether or not the leads develop into cases, they are generally reliable. – Conrad Phils.

Our Process for Generating Qualified Leads for Lawyers

Qualified Legal Leads Ready to Convert

We use various advanced channels and intuitive methods to attract consumers in need of legal services to our website. Once clients arrive at our website, we guide them through our ingenious legal case inquiry procedure that entails obtaining information on the most important questions you have before deciding how to reply. We ensure the leads match your practice and location.

The lead is sent to you by email immediately after submission so you can follow up right away.

We Identify The Prospects For You

We publish and maintain thousands of useful, client-centric articles covering the majority of key legal practice areas with the assistance of our skilled editorial staff. These articles are continuously checked to make sure we rank highly for keywords relating to all of our specialty areas. We convert these readers looking for legal advice into leads and immediately forward them to our legal clients via email.

We Extract Your Desired Information

We are able to compile the exact information you need about each client’s case or request using our artificial intelligence forms containing mandatory questions specific to the legal field. Non-viable users and spam leads are filtered out of all of our lead generation forms and processes. That implies less work for you or the staff at your law firm.

We Promptly Send Leads To Your Preferred System

When potential customers are searching for you, lead quality is at its maximum and lead response speed is crucial. By sending client information directly to your email or smartphone in real-time, we help you interact with customers and give you an advantage over your competitors.

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